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Hektor is an indie psychological horror game developed by Rubycone and published by Meridian4. The game was released on March 13th, 2015 on Windows and OSX.

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Hektor is a first-person, psychological horror game where nothing ever stays the same for long. Explore a world that literally moves with your every twist and turn, as corridors shift and change before your eyes. Uncover cryptic clues to help you find your way and elude the horrors that only madness can conjure. You were a subject at HEKTOR, a now defunct, covert research facility buried deep beneath northern Greenland. Forgotten in its dark corridors with only a lighter and flashlight to guide your way, you must overcome a psychosis brought on by years of torture and confinement to escape. Read More
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Hektor Official Trailer - Indie Horror Game-0

Hektor Official Trailer - Indie Horror Game-0


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